Sophisticated Wealth Management

Our approach to planning goes well beyond standard retirement and goal planning. We actively focus on strategies to help you protect your wealth and your family. We regularly work with leading CPAs and attorneys to implement tax strategies, asset protection, and active estate plans that help reduce taxes and protect your family in the event something happens to you.

Retirement & Goal Planning

At HCO we build dynamic plans that are updated nightly so that you always know where you stand in relation to your most important financial goals. Our leading-edge client portal also enables our clients to interact with their Private Wealth Advisor and clearly see what tasks and objectives are next in the ongoing execution of their wealth management plan.

Asset Protection

Protecting a lifetime's work from unjust lawsuits and creditors is often an important and necessary reality for our clients. Working in conjunction with leading attorneys, we help our clients with proper asset titling, trusts, corporate structures, and risk-shifting strategies to minimize the threats to your hard earned net worth. 

Tax Strategies

HCO's unique approach to actively managing future tax liability can provide significant long-term tax savings to clients. Working in concert with our client's CPAs, our approach to planning, monitoring, and reducing tax liability can often provide significant value to our clients.

Estate Planning

Ensuring that your family is well provided for in the event of the passing of the family breadwinner is an important responsibility. Our approach to estate planning goes beyond simply mitigating estate tax and probate costs to creating a financial structure for the continued management of your financial affairs for the benefit of your family.